Sunday, September 29, 2013


My mom has taken a trip with her mom and 2 sisters each fall for many years. When my grandmother passed away a few years ago, my mom began to invite me and her cousins to join them. Each year the three of then take turns choosing a city to visit for a long weekend and off they go. Last year we went to savannah, one of my favorite cities. This year, my aunt choose because it is her 50th birthday and she wanted a big party - so off to Key West we went!

I have never been to Key West and really didn't know what to expect. For a town known for it's parrothead parties, I was surprised at the charm that abounded.

I will write more about the island in a later post but what I want my children and husband to know is that everyone needs time to rejuvenate and refresh. We cannot be at our best when we go day in and day out without a moment to step away and breathe.

Sometimes that breath is a quiet, secluded beach. Sometimes it is a glistening, snowy mountain. Sometimes it is a bustling city block. But sometimes it a simple time out from what is normal even in your own living room. I hope to cultivate more of those moments for all of us in the near future.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Creative Outlets

I am really excited to get home tonight.  I am excited to go home to my family most nights, but today when I get home, there will be a package waiting for me.  A soft, squishy package full of fabric.

I know, that doesn't sound exciting to most people.  That's okay.  Quilting isn't for everyone.  Yes, I said quilting.  The activity we envision older women or women of the 1800s doing all together in rocking chairs.  And no, I'm not either of those women (although sometimes I feel that old!).

There is a movement of women of all ages in the quilting world - modern quilting.  I'm giving it a try.

My grandmother spent a number of years quilting - mostly as a social activity.  She made some beautiful quilts.  Quilts that I now use in my daily life.  They are a reminder to me to see beauty in daily work and craft.

When my grandmother passed away last year, I received the majority of her fabric stash and her unfinished projects.  I have to admit, I let it sit on shelves for almost a year.  I found it intimidating.  I didn't want to mess up the beautiful things she had started.  I'm learning that it's not really possible to mess them up.

The amazing thing about quilting now, compared to the 1800s, is the vast blogging world!  There are endless blogs dedicated to quilting.  Who knew?!  I have spent the last two months reading a lot of them.  It is such a community - something I have been craving.  I also went to my local modern quilt guild meeting for the first time this week.  I am excited to have a local community to ask for advice and some guidance to finish many of my grandmothers projects.

So today I received a soft, squishy package with something I hope to infuse with love for my kids, and for my grandmother.