Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rainy days

Rainy days are the hardest right now. It's not warm enough outside to actually play in the rain.  Inside contains all the toys we have been playing with for months. Not to mention that being inside gives me the chance to sit around and look at all the half finished projects and chores around my house!

I have read a number of books that suggest having a rainy day box with activities you only use on rainy days so they are fresh and new. I hope to spend some time this week putting something like that together.  The only problem is the challenge of purchasing or collecting these items while watching the kids.  And then actually saving them for rainy days and not just when Ashlyn and I are both bored of her old toys.  I found a book at the library with tons of ideas of games and activities for toddlers.  I'm hoping to jot down a list and keep those ideas handy.

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