Friday, November 8, 2013

Quilting with Confidence

In September I attended my first Triangle Modern Quilt Guild meeting in hopes of gaining the courage to begin digging into my Grammie's quilting stash and WIPs.  Since then I have attended a second Guild meeting as well as three free quilting classes at a fun fabric printing shop in Durham called Spoonflower.  I have really enjoyed open studio time at Spoonflower as well and look forward to many more sessions.

But although I have found the courage to jump into a quilting community, I am still hesitant to do any quilting without a class structure to guide me.  So I am linking up with Quilty Habit's "Sewing with Certainty" linky party in an effort to hold myself accountable for quilting a little more fearlessly!

These are my goals for the next few months:

Completing the binding on the postage stamp mini quilt I began in the Postage Stamp class I took with Claudia from Snuggly Monkey.  Binding is a little bit scary but I want a FINISH!  I feel like completing my first project would really be a confidence booster to dive into the next one.

Sharing my postage stamp mini quilt at Triangle Modern Quilt Guild show and tell.  If I can find the courage to finish, I can find the courage to share!

I have projects in mind for my big girl, silly guy, and my mother-in-law that I need to start!  I cut material for A's quilt but I am nervous that I don't have enough fabric, or that she won't love it and my effort will be wasted.  This is an act of love that I hope she will cherish and I fear her rejection (4 year olds aren't exactly known for their praise!)  I have fabric for D's Wolfpack blanket but I don't have a plan for cutting or piecing so I need to work on that.  And then for my mother-in-law, I have some various fabrics that I think she will love but choosing blender fabrics has been a challenge so I hope to conquer that as well.

So many goals!  Thank you for the push Jessica!

November 2013 - February 2014!


  1. Great goals! Keep pushing forward and I'm sure your daughter will love her quilt! Can't wait to see your finish. Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Welcome to the SWC link up, Michele! I am SO jealous you live near Spoonflower - that's awesome you can take advantage of their classes! Can't wait to see some of your projects over the next few months : )

  3. Glad to see you have joined in Jessica's link up! Nice to meet you! Looking forward to following your progress and helping to cheer you on. I have a feeling that once you finish your first project.... There will be no stopping you!

  4. I look forward to hearing about the progress on your great goals. I remember being afraid to bind my first quilt - but I found this great tutorial:

    Keep going you can do it!